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What is Your Choice for Eternity?
If You Don’t Know You Have a Choice, How Can you Choose?


Eternal book

A book that has a “call to action” only IF you choose to!
This is a “must have” book for your eternal future!

Eternal Life Choices is written to people who do not believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The first Chapter answers a lot of their questions like, "What if I Don't Believe in God?"

"What if I believe there are many roads to God?", "What if I have been rejected and treated poorly by Christians in churches?"

and more.

The author
Irene Bryant Story

About the Author:

Humourous, inspiring and encouraging, Irene Bryant loves to share stories of her life experiences to: 


Miraculous healing from stage IV throat cancer


Freedom achieved in courageous forgiveness


Unexpected supernatural abundance and amazing God appointments

With purpose of giving hope, encouragement and healing to others.  Her book, “Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity” has had very positive impact on its readers, who have often ordered more to give to family and friends.

Her second book, Eternal Life Choices is written for people who don’t know they have a choice as to where they will spend eternity. 

When I faced death and wasn't afraid to die, then I wasn't afraid to really live!


" Quote by Irene Bryant "
How to Know Yourself Better: 
A Guide to Self-Discovery and Personal Growth
Financial Freedom God's Way

Loving Your Way to Financial Freedom God's Way.Or named Financial Freedom God's Way. One day I heard the Lord say,

"Can you love your way to Financial Freedom?" 

Prevention is theCure

 As a former Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and Educator and a survivor of Stage IV throat cancer in 2000, Irene learner how to support a healthy terrain that supports good health instead of ill health.

Choosing Heaven over Hell

Are you afraid of dying?

Do you wonder what happens when you die?

What are your beliefs about eternity?

Does God send people to hell or is it your choice as to where you will spend eternity.

What people say about
“We had the privilege of having Irene Bryant speak at our Senior Adult Ministry Thanksgiving Banquet. It soon became evident that she had a very special message to share, a message of how important it is to listen to God for direction in our lives, especially on the detours that God allows; Irene’s detour was stage 4 throat cancer. Her positive testimony about the customized intervention of God and the joy of living every day with a heart of gratitude is infectious. God used her to speak to the hearts of us who were in attendance. If you have the opportunity to have her come and speak, do so”
Pastor Blain MacLeod
Irene Bryant
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