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Irene Bryant
Humourous, inspiring and encouraging, Irene Bryant loves to share stories of her life experiences of:
  • Miraculous healing from stage IV throat cancer, 
  • Freedom achieved in courageous forgiveness, 
  • Unexpected supernatural abundance and 
  • Amazing God appointments
With the purpose of giving hope, encouragement and healing to others. 
Her book, “Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity” has had very positive impact on its readers who are experiencing cancer, either personally or with a family member.
Her second book, Eternal Life Choices is written for people who don’t know they have a choice as to where they will spend eternity. She helps people to go from fear to freedom, anxiety to peace and defeat to victory, in the midst of life’s challenges or even when they are facing death.

Irene offers a one-on-one Complimentary Discovery Session on Zoom to answer questions regarding the benefits of taking her courses. Living in Duncan, BC, Irene is a speaker and Bible teacher who also ministers to street people and addicts.

Meeting Irene Bryant is like a breath of fresh mountain air—exuberant, embracing, cheerful, positively uplifting, and honestly frank about how she beat the odds.

In 1998, her doctor announced that she only had a few months to live. What would you do?

Irene was miraculously healed of Stage IV throat cancer in 2000—an experience that GOD has used to encourage and inspire others facing their own challenges.

Surviving a very difficult, stressful personal life and then cancer, Irene relates and has empathy, understanding and perspectives that can help others face their own challenges successfully.

Formerly an Elementary School Teacher, Realtor and Financial Services Representative, Irene is enjoying her two wonderful children, one grandchild, and two step-grandchildren.

She has now launched a very exciting speaking and workshop career and is taking a leadership role in helping others move through their crises.

Irene conducts workshops on the Biblical perspective on healing, financial freedom and on eternal life choices. She is part of the ministry team at a church in Duncan, BC and a support worker with Life on Wheels in the care for detoxing addicts.

She is a speaker for RSVP Ministries and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary.

Irene has just completed her first book:  Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity.

Eternal Life Choices
Eternal Life Choices is written to people who do not believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
The first Chapter answers a lot of their questions like, "What if I Don't Believe in God?", " What if I believe there are many roads to God?", "What if I have rejected and treated poorly by Christians in churches?" and more.
The second Chapter has 14 testimonies from people describing what their life was like, how they came to Christ and the difference it has made in their lives. Some were addicts, some from Africa, some had been abused, some just felt unloved.
The third Chapter contains 5 links to videos from people who had near death experiences, went to heaven and/or hell and came back to life here on earth. Their interviews are on RandyKay Ministries on YouTube.
The Fourth Chapter guides people in a prayer to accept Jesus into their lives.
The Fifth Chapter explains the benefits of knowing Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him here on earth and in heaven for eternity. Benefits include being loved, forgiven, protection, provision, peace, comfort, confidence and more. The final Chapters contain Scriptures on Eternal Life, Heaven, Hell and Salvation from the Bible. My contact info in included at the end.
Are you facing a difficult life challenge such as illness, job loss, relationship struggles?
Or do you simply need some encouragement?

Irene Bryant’s Workshops help you find hope on your own path of healing and forgiveness.

Call and book Irene for coaching or request specific topics to speak to your group at your event.
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